Vittorino Da Feltre

Vittorino Da Feltre, 1379-1447; V. Rambaldoni, born in Feltre. Humanist and Mathematician.

Antonio Pisano (known as Pisanello) — Painter and Sculptor, 1395-1455.

He was born in Pisa, worked in Rimini, Venice, Naples, Ferrara and Mantova. Pisanello is considered ‘The Creator’ of the Renaissance medals.


Obverse: VICTORINVS · FELT  |  RENSIS · SVMMVS. Bust facing left, wearing tall cap with edge turned up and close-fitting gown.

Reverse: Outer circle: MATHEMATICVS · ET · OMNIS · HVMANITATIS · PATER. Inner circle: PISANI · PICTO · RIS · OPVS. Depicted in the center, a pelican in a nest nourishing its chicks with
its own blood.


Likely cast in February of 1446, shortly before his death. The pelican scene on the reverse symbolizes his devotion for his pupils.

65 mm. (Max. Diameter reported: 67 mm.); Bronze cast.
Good patina; Original cast with little wear; Filled hole at top.
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