Mohammad II, Sultan of Turkey

Mohammad II, Sultan of Turkey, (1430 – 1481)

Bertoldo di Giovanni — Florence, 1420–1491. Sculptor and medallist, student of Donatello. Died 1491 in Poggio a Caiano.


Obverse: · MAVMbET ASIE AC TRAPESVNZIS MAGNE OVE CRETIE IMPERAT: Bust facing left, with close-trimmed beard, turban, robe with broad falling collar, and crescent suspended round neck.

Reverse: Triumphal chariot facing right, drawn by two prancing horses, led by nude man, helmeted, carrying trophy over left shoulder (Mars); the car is decorated on the side by a swag depending from two lion’s masks and a throne from the seat of which rise flames; on the chariot, a man, with flying cloak fastened at neck, carrying in extended left hand, a small figure of a man who has in his extended arm, a globe or patera, and holding in right hand a cord which passes round the waists of three women, nude, wearing spiked crowns (CRETIE TRAPESVNTV ASIE). In exergue OPVS BERTOLDI FLORENTIN SCVLTOR IS between two reclining nude figures; on right, a man holding trident (the Sea); on right, a woman holding cornucopiae (the Earth).


Cast circa 1480-1481. As a sculptor Bertoldo is notable for his energetic, anatomically precise figures grouped in dynamic compositions.

93.2 mm. Bronze cast.
Good patina, some wear, likely original cast.
Hill 911; Kress 248.