Leonello D’Este

Leonello D’Este, Marquess of Ferrara, born in 1407; became “Signore” of Ferrara in 1441 until 1450. He was natural son of Nicolò III.

Antonio Pisano (known as Pisanello) — Painter and Sculptor, 1395-1455.

He was born in Pisa, worked in Rimini, Venice, Naples, Ferrara and Mantova. Pisanello is considered ‘The Creator’ of the Renaissance medals.


Obverse: · LEONELLVS · MARCHIO · ESTENSIS · D · FERRARIAE · REGII · 7 · MVTINE (olive branches). All inscription between plain raised key lines. Bust faces left, wearing surcoat with floral ornament over mail.

Reverse: · PISANI · PICTOR (ivy spray) IS (ivy spray) OPVS, All on a recessed band, lower part of which is filled with olive branches. A nude youth lying, looking to the right, before a rock on which stands a vase containing flowers; attached to each handle an anchor; that on the right is broken.


Cast in Ferrara around 1440/42.

67.3 mm. (Max. Diameter reported: 69 mm.). Bronze cast.
Old cast of good quality; some wear; pendant hole at top.
Hill 31.