King Louis XII of France & Anne de Bretagne (French)

King Louis, 1499-1514.

Nicolas Leclerc & Jean de Saint-Priest — Modellers, engravers, (1487-1507)

Cast by goldsmiths Jean and Colin Lepère.


Obverse: · +FELICE · LVDOVICO · REGNAnTE · DVODECIMO · CESARE · ALTERO · GAVDET · OMNIS · NACIO · “In the blessed reign of Louis XII, a second Caesar, the entire nation rejoices”: Bust of Louis facing right, wearing his crown over a cap, with Collar and Badge of the Order of Saint Michael. Field with fleurs-de-lis; below the bust a lion passant, the symbol of Lyon.

Reverse: +LVGDVN · RE · PVBLICA · GAVDEnTE · BIS · ANNA · REGNANTE · BENIGNE · SIC · FVI · CONFLATA · I499 · : “The commune of Lyon rejoices in the second reign of good Queen Anne, when I was cast. 1499” : Bust of Anne de Bretagne to the left, wearing a crown, a veil, a small necklace, and a long cord with a jewel pendant. Field with fleurs-de-lis and ermine tails, below the bust the lion passant.


Cast bronze medal, ca.1499, Lyon, France. The piece is medieval in spirit. Its creators had yet to learn the virtues of reducing a design to its essentials. A specimen in gold, now lost, was produced and presented to Queen Anne to commemorate Louis’ second state entry into Lyon. The medal was recast again and again. [The Currency of Fame, p.311]


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114.6 mm. Bronze cast.
Good patina; Likely an early cast.
Kress Coll. 527; Scher 140.