Isotta Degli Atti

Isotta Degli Atti, of Rimini, mistress and subsequent third wife of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, “Signore” of Rimini. Married Sigismondo in 1456 and died in 1470, three years after her husband.

Matteo de’ Pasti — Medallist, Sculptor, Painter. Verona, 1405-1467.

Matteo de’ Pasti lived mainly at the court of the Malatesta in Rimini.


Obverse: D. ISOTTAE. ARIMINENSI (‘D’ designates Diva or Domina). Bust facing right, hair over high frame, held by crossing band, fastened with jewels at top and falling in twin conical tails.

Reverse: Elephant facing right, in flowery meadow; on the bottom: MCCCCXLVI.  Note: Other editions of this medal show a signature with roses at top right.


Cast in 1446. There are several medals cast for Isotta by Matteo de’ Pasti, this medal was cast in three slightly different versions.

82.2 mm. (Max. Diameter reported: 84 mm.); Bronze cast.
Good patina; Good condition with only slight wear; Original cast.
Hill 187; Arm I, 21/19; Kress 63; Pollard 33.