Giovanni II Bentivoglio

Giovanni II Bentivoglio, Lord of Bologna (1443-1509). Governor of Bologna from 1462-1506.

Sperandio of Mantova — Sculptor, Painter, Architect, Goldsmith (1435-1520).

The most prolific medallist of the 15th Century (48 medals), lived mostly in Ferrara; 5 years in Venice and 10 years in Bologna. Also worked in Milano, Faenza and Padova.


Obverse: · IO · BENT · II · HANIB · FILIVS · EQVES · AC · COMES · PATRIAE · PRINCEPS · AC · LIBERTATIS · COLVNEN · Bust facing right, mature, with long hair, wearing tall round cap with edge turned back all around, plate-armour over mail.

Reverse: (leaf) OPVS · S/PERANDEl · Giovanni in armour, wearing cap as on obv., sword at side, riding to left, on horse, holding baton in right hand; on trapper of horse, horse-head shield three times repeated (probably in all three the Bentivoglio sega); behind him, seen from front, mounted squire, with tall crest of globe and plumes, holding lance in right hand Stony ground.


Cast in 1482. The last of three medals of Bentivoglio made by Sperandio. The medal is before the period when Sperandio was inflluenced by Lysippus (c. 1487 – 91). Giovanni II was 40 years of age.

92.2 mm. Bronze cast.
Good patina, little wear. Original cast.
Hill 391: Armand I, 65, 6; Pollard 96 = Kress 128; Scher 24.