Giovanni II Bentivoglio, Prince of Bologna (1/2)

Giovanni Bentivoglio, Prince of Bologna. born in 1443; governed Bologna from 1463 – 1508. Died 1509.

Sperandio of Mantova — Sculptor, Painter, Architect, Goldsmith (1435-1520).

The most prolific medallist of the 15th Century (48 medals), lived mostly in Ferrara; 5 years in Venice and 10 years in Bologna. Also worked in Milano, Faenza and Padova.


Obverse: · IOANES · BETIVOLVS · BO · NON · LIBERTATIS · PRlNCEPS · Bust of Giovanni II d’Annibale Bentivoglio facing left, with long hair. He is wearing a tall round cap with edge turned up all around, close fitting coat, and a heavy chain around his neck.

Reverse: · OPVS · SPERANDEI · (in exergue). Scene: Two winged putti with sashes over their shoulders are holding a sheld (horse-head shape) with the Bentivoglio sega.


Dated 1462, when Giovanni was proclaimed Princeps of the Bolognese Republic at the age of 19.  The putti do not necessarily allude to his marriage in 1464 with Ginevra Sforza.

104.4 mm. Bronze cast.
Good patina, very little wear.
Hill 355; Arm., I, 65, 7.