Galeazzo Marescotti

Galeazzo Marescotti of Bologna, 1407-1503, Nobleman, member of the Senate, Poet and Historian.

Sperandio of Mantova — Sculptor, Painter, Architect, Goldsmith (1435-1520).

The most prolific medallist of the 15th Century (48 medals), lived mostly in Ferrara; 5 years in Venice and 10 years in Bologna. Also worked in Milano, Faenza and Padova.


Obverse: · GALEATIVS · MARESCOTVS · DE · CALVIS · BONONIEN · EQVES · ACSENATOR · OPTIMVS · Bust facing right, with short hair, wearing flat-topped cap (mortier), collar of mail, pleated surcoat over breastplate. Linear border.

Reverse: · OPVS · SPERANDEI · Scene: a Marescotti bare-headed wearing long-loose robe, seated three quarter facing left. Right hand resting on a book; left hand also holding a book which rests on a cuirass. On the ground other pieces of armour.


Belonged to the beginning of the Bolognese Period (1478-1480). Marescotti, who died at 96 years of age, was about 70 at the time this medal was created.

101.3 mm. Bronze cast.
Good patina, slight wear on the reverse (face), Likely original cast.
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