Francesco Sforza IV, Duca of Milano

Francesco Sforza, IV, “Duca” of Milano, born in 1401, became “Duca” in 1450 until his death in 1466.

Sperandio of Mantova — Sculptor, Painter, Architect, Goldsmith (1435-1520).

The most prolific medallist of the 15th Century (48 medals), lived mostly in Ferrara; 5 years in Venice and 10 years in Bologna. Also worked in Milano, Faenza and Padova.


Obverse: · FRANCISVS · SFORTIA · VICECOMES · DVX · MEDIOLANI · QVARTVS · Bust three-quarter faces right; hair curling above ears; top of head bald; wearing plate-armour.

Reverse: · OPVS · SPERANDEI · Scene: Front view of a Renaissance building, one central and three secondary cupolas, three doors in front and two lateral porches, galleries opening on to front on upper floor.


Cast in 1466 as a memorial to the “Duca” who just died. The building on the obverse is intended as a memorial to be built in his honour.

86.6 mm. Bronze cast.
Good patina, some wear, original cast.
Hill 361; Pollard NGA 94; Börner 122; Toderi-Vannel Bargello 132; Johnson-Martini Milano 524-525; Kress 115.