Emo (Giovanni)

Emo Giovanni, Governor of Verona, c.1528.

Giulio Della Torre — 1481 - c.1557.


Obverse: (branch) IOANES AEMVS P · V · DlGNIS SIMVS.  Bust facing left, bearded, with full hair, wearing plain round cap and gown.

Reverse: IVLII M · DE LATVRRE (in arc below).  Three figures: on right, nude young man reclining facing left, pouring water from an urn; before him stand Abundance (?), nude, to front, holding cornucopiae in left hand, ears of corn in right. Justice, draped, to front, holding scales in right hand and lowered sword in left; landscape background, with a great fortress.


Emo was governor of Verona in 1527, when Pomedello (should be Della Torre ?) made a medal of him. The fortress probably represents Verona. The allegory must express his mild and beneficent rule. (The year 1527 was one of famine and pestilence.) He is to be distinguished from Giovanni di Giorgio Emo, who was killed in the War of Ferrara in 1483.

98? mm. Bronze cast.
Dark patina, pierced at top, rougher cast reflected more on obverse.
Hill 555; Arm I, 130, 5.