Costanzo Sforza

Costanzo Sforza, “Signore” of Pesaro, son of Alessandro, 1448-1483, became “Signore” of Pesaro in 1468.

Gianfrancesco Enzola of Parma — Medallist, Goldsmith, Die Engraver, Parma (1455-1478).

The most prolific medallist of the 15th Century (48 medals), lived mostly in Ferrara; 5 years in Venice and 10 years in Bologna. Also worked in Milano, Faenza and Padova.


Obverse: · COSTANTIVS · SFORTIA · DE · ARAGONIA · DE · ALEXAN · SFOR · FIL · PISAVRENS · PRINCEPS · AETATIS · AN · XXVII · Bust facing left with “zazzera” wearing plate armour over mail. Inscription on raised band. Plain raised margin.

Reverse: · SYDVS MARTIVM on a scroll above; a long procession of cavalrywith banners, lances &c., winding among hills (towers in the back- ground) and passing over a bridge with a tower at each end; at head of procession, Costanzo on horseback, and before him a foot-soldier carrying pike (?) and driving a boy before him; on the left tower COSF | PISA | VRI | D; below, · MCCCCLXXIIII · and, lower still, IO FRAN · PARME · PIS · OPVS; Border of large pearls.


One of several cast for Costanzo Sforza. in 1475.

78 mm. Brassy bronze cast.
Likely original cast.
Hill 291.